Families for Families is the coordinating association for IFFD programs in Venezuela. They begun their activities some years ago in Caracas and, in spite of the tough socio-economic situation, through their dedication and decision they managed to bring IFFD courses to cities such as Maracaibo and Valencia. In April they drove the 1.000 Km that separate Maracaibo from Cartagena de Indias where the 1st Latin American Meeting for Family Enrichment Leaders (LAMFEL) took place.

Inspired by the experiences in other countries, they decided to summon Venezuela’s IFFD courses’ sponsors and moderators to a national convention. The first Families for Families convention took place in Barquisimeto on June 15th-17th . 36 IFFD coordinators from the cities of Caracas, Maracaibo and Barquisimeto attended. This event will be held on a yearly basis with the aim of providing further training and the framework for the sharing of experiences between coordinators and moderators from all over the country. The 2nd National Convention will be held in 2019 in Maracaibo.