Your charitable contribution to the IFFD Foundation is much more than just a donation. Your commitment contributes to an effective approach which is strengthening families all over the world as well as promoting the family perspective in the agendas of international organisations and in the policies of many governments.

How to make a donation?

We appreciate all your support
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To make a donation by wire transfer:

Please, fill in the form below and send to, before ordering the transfer. Then, take note of the data to order it.

Bank: Banco Caminos, C/ Almagro 8,
28010 Madrid

Beneficiary: IFFD Foundation
Address: Calle Artistas nº 2, 2º 28020 – MADRID
IBAN: ES69 0234 0001 04 9030952715
Concept: IFFD Foundation Donation

Address Beneficiary IFFD Foundation
Calle Artistas nº 2, 2º 28020 – MADRID
Tax ID number: G82662669

For every transfer, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you send an email
to with the following information: Date of the transfer, Amount and currency of the transfer and the Name and Address of the Donor (for the official record).