We feel that much good can be achieved for ourselves, our children, and our society by financially ensuring and implementing actions to empower families. The Foundation pursues the establishment of an endowment fund to cover the present and future needs of the organization. Our objective is to keep growing in a sustainable way with ever more visibility.

- To stregthen the countries in which we are already present and enter in new ones.

- To reinforce the training of volunteers and the expertise and methodology of our programs.

- To improve the quantity and quality of our research projects, underlining the importance of family role in society.

- To place family on the global policy agenda by spreading expert meetings and forums.

- To create a communication network among 68 countries where the family enrichment courses are delivered, as well as the various initiatives and research institutes related to our project.

- To internationalize studies being carried out in single nations.

- To establish an endowment fund in order to ensure the economic viability of our global project for the years ahead.

- To improve our ability to get resources from donors, so that we can increase the quality and extent of our activities.

- To support family enrichment courses in disadvantaged countries.