New York Summit 2022: major donors fundraising strategies

The New York Summit 2022 event was held in New York on March 24th-25th. It brought together around 40 participants from 8 countries, mostly people involved in the Foundation’s fundraising activities. The event focused on fundraising among potential major donors, with the goal of raising money for the endowment fund.

Panel on Latin American Childhood and Adolescence

IFFD has moderated a policy discussion on Future Frontiers of Childhood and Adolescence in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by UNICEF, on March 9th.

Personal Project in Poland

26 youngsters enrolled  in the Personal Project Program and attended the sessions, taking on relevant aspects of their vital project such as professional career, relationships (friends, family and significant other) as well as their own personal growth. This program is a great platform for exploring these aspects of life.