Observance of The World Cities Day 2022

An Interactive Discussion of Venice Declaration Signatories in Observance of the World Cities Day 2022 was held online on October 26, under the title ‘Sustained efforts to shape inclusive, safe, resilient urban areas’ at the United Nations HQ in NYC.

Panel Discussion on The Venice Declaration  

On August 3, the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) and the Municipality of São Paulo organized a debate on the Venice Declaration, targeted to local administration managers. The Venice Declaration was proposed within the scope of the project “Inclusive Cities for Sustainable Families”, promoted by the International Federation for Family Development. It is a commitment for signatory cities in view of…

Venice Declaration: Day of the Region at Kujawsko-Pomorskie 2022

On June 7, IFFD participated –as promoters of the #VeniceDeclaration– in the awards to 25 local institutions which work for families. The Venice Declaration has already been signed by more than 50 municipalities.

Expert Group Meeting in Cairo

IFFD organized on June 2-5, together with other organizations, an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) in preparation for the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF). This meeting, celebrated in Cairo, with many representatives from the Arab Region, addressed the topic of technological changes and the family.

Hybrid Presentation and Panel Discussion with the participation of UN DESA and UNICEF

IFFD organized on May 17th an hybrid event in Brussels to launch the project of the Civil Society Declaration for the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2024. There were five organizations present in the meeting, as well as 84 other organizations from 46 countries participated online, including many from Asia and Africa.

UN HQ Observance – International Day of Families 2022

On May 13th, IFFD participated through several contributions in the official observance of the International Day of Families at the United Nations. Alejandro Vazquez, from IFFD, explained the process they have followed to engage other organizations in the Civil Society Declaration for the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2024.

Commission on Population and Development 2022

Alejandro Vazquez, from IFFD, participated together with other experts. He contributed with recommendations for urban families to reduce the effects of poverty and social exclusion on children in need of support and protection.

Panel on Latin American Childhood and Adolescence

IFFD has moderated a policy discussion on Future Frontiers of Childhood and Adolescence in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by UNICEF, on March 9th.

Meeting of the board of delegates of Family-Reponsive Cities

The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, participated in a meeting of the Board of Delegates of Family-Responsive cities. It was celebrated in the Senate of the Mexican Republic on February 15th, 16th and 17th, with representatives from Brazil, France, Italy, and other European countries, to coordinate the future actions of the project and the preparations for the 30th Anniversary of the…

Online Focus Group: Families and Urbanization

This Focus Group was organized on November 18th in preparation for the World Urban Forum and the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family. ‘Families and Urbanization’ is included in one of the megatrends established by the United Nations Secretariat.