Promotion of IFFD advocacy activities in Brazil

The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, visited Brazil in August. He took part in many meetings and events, in collaboration with Family Talks, to promote the Inclusive Cities project and the preparations for the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family. He also had a meeting with the new Secretário Adjunto de Relaçoes Internacionais da Prefeitura de Sao Paulo,…

IFFD Young Professionals Weekend in Marseille (France)

IFFD hosted an event with french young professionals took place in June in Marseille (France) to present the think tank 'Familles Durables' or 'Durable Families', an independent, non-partisan and non-religious think tank, established in 2021. It conducts research and empirical data processing, analyzes the problems experienced by French women at the heart of their family life and transmits research carried out by…

New innovation team to give a boost to ‘Families without Barriers’

IFFD has launched a new innovation team to provide the 'Families without Barriers' project with a better program and promotional tools. Project coordinators in Barcelona and Madrid have initiated an innovation itinerary to get to know the user better and thus better adapt the program to their needs. The process that will be carried out with the team consists of 6 stages.…

International Digital Personal Project (Second edition)

Using the case study method, this program is aimed at young single professionals aged 22-32. It started on February 13th and  had 60 participants attending from 35 countries, such as Australia, Cameroon, Taiwan or South Korea, among others.

Training session on ‘digital moderation’ during 2020

During 2020 we have organized 11 training sessions in which 370 moderators from 57 countries have participated. They have been organized by continents - regions: Africa, Asia & Australia, Europe, Latin America, USA & Trinidad Tobago.

Fundraising event in Mexico City

Javier Vidal-Quadras, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and his wife, Loles Torras, met in México City on Oct. 10th with some of the people involved in the fundraising campaign that we are developing in that country.

Leaving no one alone

The President of the Regional Council of the Veneto Region (Italy) has written a letter to all stakeholders of the Inclusive Cities for Sustainable Families project he promoted with IFFD, to underline the role of families and the importance of the Venice Declaration in the times they are going through and in the future of all societies. Read here the letter

Formative Meeting in Berlin, January 18th-19th

The 18th and 19th of January, Family Enrichment Director, Leticia Rodriguez, attended a moderators seminar with 15 participants. In addition to the theoretical formation given, many participants took part in a practical session on “Personal Project” and “Marital Love”. On Sunday 19th, two conferences took place in a promotion session in which 50 people took part held in Berlin and…

Sao Paulo joins the Venice Declaration

Luiz Alvaro, Secretary of International Relations, presented the Declaration signed by major Bruno Covas on behalf of the Municipality, together with Marina Morais and Bruna Starling. IFFD was represented by Roberto Canonico and Ignacio Socias.

Conference on Family Policy at the US Senate

The Second International Conference on Family Policy was held at the US Senate on 4th December, organized by the Embassy of Hungary, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the Embassy of Brazil, with the participation of IFFD.