Family Week in Trento

The 7th edition of the Family Festival took place in Trento from 3 to 9 December, under the topic of ‘Quality of life and competitiveness of the territory: an international perspective’. The inaugural event counted with the regional president, experts from OEDC, the director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, and other stakeholders as speakers.

Celebrating First Steps in Israel

Participants in a First Steps Program pilot in Israel celebrated the end of the course by getting together in a family environment and enjoying a cake baked by one of the participants. The program ended in late September and was promoted by a Family Enrichment team.

LIFE in New York

As every year, at the beginning of Autumn a training session for IFFD Programs’ coordinators was held in the New York region. The LIFE event (Leadership Initiative for Family Enrichment) was held at IESE’s NY headquarters with 40 people attending, including 6 participants from the city of Buffalo, where recently a Marital Love 1 Program was launched.

Panel Discussion in Istanbul

Panel Discussion on Opportunities and Challenges of Families in the Modern Era, moderated by Ignacio Socias, Director of International Relations, IFFD, at the Woman and Justice Summit 2018 organized by hashtag#Kadem in Istanbul (November 24th), with Fehmi Bilge, Dimiter Philipov, Kemal Sayar and Gunhild O. Hagestad.

Expansion in Portugal

On the 13th and 14th of October a training for moderators was held in Lisbon which over 50 people attended. The training was conducted by the Director of IFFD’s Family Enrichment. In the following months this team will launch the Married Love 1, First Steps and Personal Project programs. The Father Figure program will also debut in November; the moderators…

Training in Cologne

A special training for families was held in the German city of Cologne on 14th-16th of September. The sessions were conducted by IFFD’s Family Enrichment Director and focused on training young moderators for the Marital Love 1 (aimed at young couples in their first years of marriage) and Personal Project (aimed at young people looking to face their vital project)…

NCFR Annual Conference

The 2018 NCFR Annual Conference has taken place in San Diego (California, USA) from November 7th to November 10th, with nearly 1,500 participants under the theme ‘Families and Cultural Intersections in a Global Context: Innovations in Research, Practice, and Policies’. The director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, participated as a speaker.

Fundraising activities in Sao Paulo

From October 22nd to 27th, a number of fundraising events were held in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Samuel Carpintero, Managing Director of IFFD Foundation, held several meetings with people involved in raising money for the endowment fund as well as with prospective major donors.

International Conference on Parenting (Qatar)

The Doha International Family Institute, in collaboration with UNICEF-MENARO, has organized an international conference on ‘Parenting, Child Wellbeing, and Development’ to highlight the importance of investing in parents and parenting strategies, programs, laws, and policies at all levels. In this picture: conference on Parenting, Child Wellbeing and Development: High-Level Panel on Investing in Parenting Education Programs. Wadih Maalouf, Programme Manager,…

Civil Society Meeting

A meeting with some of the most important international representatives of Civil Society has been held in Doha, organized by the Doha International Family Institute in collaboration with the International Federation for Family Development.