Investment Advisory Committe

A few months ago, the Invesment Advisory Committe of IFFD Foundation was established in order to manage the investments of the endowment fund.

New President of IFFD

Olivier Yao, from Ivory Coast, has been appointed as the new World President of IFFD by the General Assembly held on 28th September. Mr Yao holds a Industrial Engineering Degree. He also received a Program Management Development Degree from MDE Business School Abidjan, affiliated to IESE Business School. He is currently the logistics and export manager in a multinational chocolate…

Annual Report 2019

The IFFD Foundation has just published the annual report. It provides detailed information about the activities carried out in 2019 PDF Download here          

United Nations and Government of Kenya Meeting

The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, attended on April 22 as special guest of the United Nations the joint meeting of the Government of Kenya and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. The purpose of this meeting was to study the draft of the National Policy Plan for the promotion and protection…

Taking the LEAP in Singapore

IFFD's collaborators in Singapore are preparing to launch IFFD's Personal Project program, known locally as LEAP. A training for moderators was held last November 17th with 20 participants, followed by a demo session of the LEAP program. A new demo session was held on December, 8th. Participants were presented with a real-life case study to analyze and discuss as a…

LEAP for young professionals in the Philippines

Year 2018 saw a positive explosion of IFFD’s Personal Project program in the Philippines. Rebranded as Life Endeavors and Projects (LEAP), a total of 316 single young professionals attended in 10 locations - 5 in Metro Manila and 5 in the Visayas and Mindanao islands. LEAP goes through the seven sessions that comprise the Personal Project program, with the team…

Family Enrichment congress in Poland

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Akademia Familijna, a member of IFFD, organized an international congress on Family Enrichment titled ‘Family – business of your life’ which took place in Warsaw on November 24th-25th. It was attended by more than 400 participants from all over Poland and neighboring countries. On the first day several lectures were given, including one by IFFD’s…

LIFE in New York

As every year, at the beginning of Autumn a training session for IFFD Programs’ coordinators was held in the New York region. The LIFE event (Leadership Initiative for Family Enrichment) was held at IESE’s NY headquarters with 40 people attending, including 6 participants from the city of Buffalo, where recently a Marital Love 1 Program was launched.

Expansion in Portugal

On the 13th and 14th of October a training for moderators was held in Lisbon which over 50 people attended. The training was conducted by the Director of IFFD’s Family Enrichment. In the following months this team will launch the Married Love 1, First Steps and Personal Project programs. The Father Figure program will also debut in November; the moderators…

Congress on Innovation at Housework Employment

The I Congress on innovation at housework employment has been held in Grand Rex (Paris) on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the regulation of family employment in France. The Director of Communication and International Relations of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), Ignacio Socías, has been participated.