Launching IFFD programs in Ghana

After a long struggle to achieve the appropriate conditions for launching IFFD programs in Ghana, eventually the first promotional session of IFFD program ‘Married Love’ took place in Accra, on Sunday November 12. IFFD had the support of Henry and Patience Andoh, previously moderators of IFFD courses with NAFAD in Nigeria, now living in Ghana.

Training Course in Moscow

Академии семьи (Family Academy) organized a training course for future moderators of the Personal Project program, aimed at young people. The course covered topics such as happiness, freedom and human will. Belgian moderators Marina Robben and Karel Phlips led the training session, which took place on November 12 in Moscow.

15th National Conference in Nigeria

On November 3, the Nigerian Association for Family Development (NAFAD), coordinator of IFFD courses in that country, held its 15th National Conference for moderators in Owerri, Eastern Nigeria. The moderators taking part discussed strategies for the expansion of courses and to increase the participation of parents in IFFD programs.

World Cities Day 2017

Celebrating the World Cities Day, October 31, IFFD co-organized and took part on the event Accessible Cities United, Enabling future cities to be smart. By 2030 more than 60% of the world’s population is projected to live in cities. Urban centers will face key challenges in ensuring that the needs of people living in hardship are met. As cities become …