International Day of Families in Spain

The Family Watch (TFW), a think tank affiliated to IFFD in Spain, has promoted the celebration of the International Day of Families in Spain. For the first time, on May 16th, TFW organized an event at the Spanish Parliament. Under the title proposed by UN DESA ‘Families and Inclusive Societies’, a roundtable on the main challenges of families in Spain…

Personal Project Program in Moscow

At the end of March the first course of the Personal Project in Moscow was successfully completed. Last November Академии семьи (Family Academy) organized training for moderators of the program, aimed at young people. They drove this course which covered topics such as happiness, freedom and human will.

2018 International Award ‘Luchadores por la Familia’

The Director of Communication and International Relations of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), Ignacio Socías, has been granted the 2018 International Award ‘Lluitadors per la Familia’. The event was held in Barcelona on May 5.

End of the Personal Project course at IMF Quito

In November and December 2017, a group of young, single professionals took part in the second Personal Project course to be carried out by IMF Quito. This course was coordinated by a very enthusiastic promotion group, who is continuing to set up follow-on meetings with the group of young people on issues related to the topics covered in the course.