Training and conferences in Croatia

Training and conferences in Croatia

Between the 22nd and the 25th of March IFFD’s Family Enrichment Director Leticia Rodriguez held several training sessions in the Croatian cities of Split and Zagreb. The agenda was the same in both cities, celebrating conferences on marital love and getting to know family member’s temperaments, as well as moderating sessions of the First Steps and First Decisions programs, followed…

International Seminar In la Universidad de los Andes (Chile)

Under the title "Sustainable Development and Family",The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias and a group of experts from the UN went on May 28 to the Universidad de los Andes (Santiago, Chile) to explain the decisive role played by families and family policies for the fulfillment of the Objectives. of Sustainable Development (ODS).

Vitamin Love conference in Kazakhstan

On January 24th a conference took place for future IFFD moderators by Susana Moreu, also a IFFD moderator based in southern Spain. The topic was Moreu’s book titled “Vitamin Love”, which was recently translated into Russian.

United Nations and Government of Kenya Meeting

The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, attended on April 22 as special guest of the United Nations the joint meeting of the Government of Kenya and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. The purpose of this meeting was to study the draft of the National Policy Plan for the promotion and protection…