The Doha Family International Institute organized an online conference to draw an integrated picture of the phenomenon of marriage in the world, with a particular focus in the Arab regular. The conference delved into multiple faces of marriage by addressing: the socio-economic factors affecting marriage; reasons behind declining rates and delay of marriage; increases in the material costs of marriage; impact of work and family balance on marriage; factors influencing the stability of marital relations; as well as marriage in times of immigration, wars, and conflicts.

IFFD was a partner of the conference, and was present in a panel on the Foundation of a Happy Marriage. The discussion was moderated by Raymond Mutura, Director Centre for Research on Organizations Work & Family at the Strathmore University Business School and head of the Program for Family Development (member of IFFD in Kenya), and had Olivier Yao, world president of IFFD, as a speaker, together with Rosa Pich, Family Coach and Speaker; Sharifa Khalfan Al-Yahyai, Former Minister of Social Development of Qatar; and Sheikh Ahmed Al Buainain, Family Consultant.