A program for Grandparents


  1. The extended family and the grandparents
    Certain characteristics of active grandparents
    Young grandparents: a stage in life.
  2. The golden age of marriage
    Conditions for a marital relationship
    Marital situations of grandparents
  3. Grandchildren and the educational stages
    The framework for child development
    Getting to know the children. Age and characters
    Educational features of the second stage of childhood (9 to 12 years old)
  4. The grandparents and inter-generational relations
    Images in western culture
  5. Older children remaining teenagers
    Children finding shelter in the family home
    How can young grandparents communicate and understand others?
  6. Grandparents and society
    Grandparents in society
  7. Transfer of the crucial human dimension
    The educational role of grandparents
  8. Happiness and grief in a family
    Grandparents in distressing situations