Cookie Policy

Our cookies will only make browsing easier and measure visits to the page. Our intention is not to collect personal data or perform marketing actions. A cookie is not a cookie, it is a file that is inserted into the computer with multiple purposes. Therefore, there are many types of cookies.

The legislation obliges us to inform about its use so that the user can at any time deactivate them from their browser and delete them from their computer.

Deleting cookies from a computer is simple: just go to the option “Tools” below “Internet options” where in the section “temporary files” the possibility of Deleting Cookies is offered. You can also disable cookies in different browsers. The cookies we use on this website are basically:

-Cookies of navigation that will make the navigation more agile and the country of origin.

-Cookies of Google Analytics that will allow us to obtain statistics of visits to the web and make better decisions on the web and contents. These statistics are always anonymous.