Panel in the 2021 IAPF congress 1st march

During the second lockdown period due to the coronavirus pandemic, IFFD has continued to participate in different events, held online due to those circunstances. The Instituto de Análisis de Política Familiar (IAPF) from Mexico organized its 2nd Congress on Family Policies, with a particular focus in the Latin American region. The conference lasted for two days and explored the context and…

Panel in the 2021 DIFI conference 24th february

The Doha Family International Institute organized an online conference to draw an integrated picture of the phenomenon of marriage in the world, with a particular focus in the Arab regular. The conference delved into multiple faces of marriage by addressing: the socio-economic factors affecting marriage; reasons behind declining rates and delay of marriage; increases in the material costs of marriage;…

European Meeting on Demographic Challenges

The European Economic and Social Committee has held an input session for the drafting of an opinion entitled ‘Demographic challenges in the EU in light of economic and development inequalities’, to look into mitigating the negative demographic trends in EU Member States, at the request of the Croatian Presidency and with the participation of experts including Ignacio Socias as representative…

European Conference on Youth Inclusion

A group of 40 young professionals from 15 European countries have been invited to a conference in the European Parliament and a previous workshop. The whole project was organized by the National Association of Large Families in Hungary (NOE), MEP Gyorgy Holvenyi and the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD).

European network of family experts

Organized by the Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families, a meeting of a European network of experts from 12 countries have gathered in Budapest for a meeting.

International Family Congress

IFFD has participated in the closing panel of the 9th International Family Congress organized by the Universidad de La Sabana (Bogotá), and has also been awarded by the organizers.

IFFD International Advocacy Workshop in Budapest

The 2019 IFFD International Advocacy Workshop was held in Budapest (Hungary), 2nd to 4th September 2019 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) and brought together entry-level professionals of social studies/political science or a related field with a strong interest in family issues and are fluent in English usage, as well as IFFD staff. They came from diverse geographical, cultural, and academic…

International Seminar In la Universidad de los Andes (Chile)

Under the title "Sustainable Development and Family",The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias and a group of experts from the UN went on May 28 to the Universidad de los Andes (Santiago, Chile) to explain the decisive role played by families and family policies for the fulfillment of the Objectives. of Sustainable Development (ODS).

United Nations and Government of Kenya Meeting

The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, attended on April 22 as special guest of the United Nations the joint meeting of the Government of Kenya and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. The purpose of this meeting was to study the draft of the National Policy Plan for the promotion and protection…

Family politics conference in Budapest

The Director of International Relations of IFFD, Ignacio Socias, attended on May 1 the conference on "the transition to a family-friendly Europe", organized by the Hungarian government and two academic entities. The objective of his intervention was to share the work of IFFD as an international initiative of special success of the United Nations, together with the joint meeting of…